Cam and Phia are both amazing kids but when it comes to humor, Cam is definitely the clown of our circus. So, today I am posting a few of what we like to call “Camisms”. These are crazy, funny things Cam has said or done so enjoy.

1. Convo between Cam and Phia after her saying something she was wrong about to him:

Cam: “you don’t say that to me”
Phia: “ok”
Cam: “I’m not an ok. I am a Sir and you will say yes sir to me. You understand me little girl?”

2. A few days ago Cam asked me what makes me happy & I replied “you do buddy because I love you so much.”

Somehow he misunderstood some part of that because later he told it differently.

Cam: “Daddy, do you know what makes mom happy?”

Dad: “what bud?”

Cam: “Making love….”

3. Cam while mad at me was over heard saying to Phia, “Phia I don’t like your mom.”

4. Overheard Cam in the bathroom: “Come on! I’m a big boy, I can do this!”

5. Overheard Cam telling Phia: “I know you want to get me in trouble but you better back off little girl!”

6. Overheard when the dog was following Cam around the house: “Hey! You no sniff my butt!”

7. Cam got walkie talkies for his birthday a while back. One has been lost since almost day one. So, now he uses the one he has left to scream for mom (aka Ma). From inside his play tent all the way in his playroom he can be heard pushing the button on the walkie talkie (at which point the static starts) and then yelling into it “Ma! Are you there? You hear me ma? Ma!” Obviously “ma” does not answer since there is no 2nd walkie talkie, at which point he comes into the room yelling, “Mom, I have been calling you. You not hear me?”

8. Overheard from the front seat as the kids were talking:

Cam: ” Phia, can you please stop talking to me? You talk way too much and you are knocking on my nervous” (i.e. getting on his nerves)