So Whose Kids are They?

If you ever sit down and read any news articles or listen to the news on television, you will see tons of kids out there committing crimes and just showing overall deviant behavior. The first question that usually comes to all our minds is “where are the parents?”

The thing is, most of the time the parents are right there. They spend day in and day out with their kids. The problem is that none of these parents want to believe their precious baby could possibly do such a thing. But isn’t everyone somebody’s child? Why can we not, as parents, just accept that our kids do things they shouldn’t? Why is it that almost every single time you hear the same old, “He/She fell in with a bad crowd.”

If all of these bad kids just fell in with the wrong crowd then whose kids are those? If nobody wants to believe their child capable of bad then who are these phantoms kids out there wreaking such havoc? Parents need to seriously wake up and understand that even though your children are these amazing little creatures that you created (or adopted) they are still capable of bad. Rather than just pass the blame onto “the bad crowd” lets take a stand and let our kids know that we will always be there for them but we will not cover up or make excuses for their actions.


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