Back when we thought we were poor

My husband and I were talking last night and it made me wonder something. In the quest to make sure our kids have more than we did are we bypassing some awesome memories?

Halloween is coming up and just like every year the kids have started giving us their list of costume ideas a month out. The first thing I said as they started spouting all the different characters was “Man, you kids are lucky because when we were kids we didn’t have all of those outfits. Or at least mommy didn’t. Unlike many kids around, we made our costumes.”

As nighttime set in though and I had some down time, I took a walk down memory lane and what I found was a little surprising. I didn’t feel upset and let down that I didn’t have those shiny costumes because what I had was much better. I now worry my kids may miss out on some of the best memories I have from childhood. Because when I think back on Halloween what I remember is thinking with my mom & dad and brothers about what we could be. We would all brainstorm and think of all the different clothes we had or what items we could share with each other to form that perfect look. I remember the giggling and laughing and excitement we all shared as we came up with that one perfect idea.

I remember my parents turning into MacGyver as they turned the simplest things into something scary or monster like for our big night. I remember getting our faces painted and how one of my brothers almost choked when they had to bite down on a blood capsule to get fake blood all over their face. And we never had the same thing as everyone else. We’d walk up to a door that would have 2 or 3 Ninja Turtles or princesses and fairies but there would never be two crazed zombie football players and their crazed zombie cheerleader sister. I don’t remember ever seeing another group of hobos that had their stick with their bandana sacks on the back or any of the other crazy things we came up with. 

What I remember is it being this huge production as we all got ready and made a night of it. And because our parents helped with everything the whole family got in on the excitement. It seems nowadays that we grab the first costume we see as we grocery shop in Walmart and call it good. On Halloween night, we dress the kids as fast as we can and just wait for them to get enough to be able to get back home to all the work we have waiting on us. What happened to the days when Halloween was an experience? A fun time for the whole family. We may have been “poor” as they say because we made our own costumes and didn’t spend a small fortune on a store bought one but I think what I got from it is worth more than gold. And this year, instead of those shiny store bought ones, you just might see my two in some thrift store clothing in a homemade costume. 


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