Things I don’t get

Here are some random things that I just do not get. Feel free to add yours.

– Why do people pull out in front of me to then go 20 mph? I mean, you clearly pulled out in front of me because you were in a hurry so why are you driving so d*mn slow?!!

– Why do people cheat? I mean seriously, any excuse you have that would be good enough for cheating should have been a good enough reason to just leave. How does cheating on someone fix the situation?

– Why in the h*ll do they sell hotdogs and hotdog buns in different amounts? Really, you think only a few of us will want buns? 

– Polygamy.. Let me just say, I couldn’t care less if someone has a hundred spouses. Not my issue, not my house, not my worry. However, there are two things about it that I just do not get. For one, how do you handle that many kids?  There is no way you can spend quality time with them all. I barely feel like I get quality time with my two some days. Secondly, how are you affording that many families? I watch one show on tv that has 4 families and these guys are living in some super nice houses and I can’t figure out how this one man is not just affording one nice home but 4!! Maybe he could give Dave Ramsey a run for his money on financial advice…Just saying

– Women always want equality but then b*tch if a man doesn’t hold her door open or leaves the toilet seat up? So, let me get this straight, you want equality until you aren’t treated special and then you get your itty bitty girly feelings hurt…that about right?

– Speaking of women, I don’t get women on the front lines. I know, I know, we are equal so we should be able to fight in war like a man…Bullsh*t! For one, we women are emotional. We don’t always make rational decisions in emotional situations. Secondly, as my husband always says, men will take greater risks when there is a woman involved. Sorry but when my husband was deployed, I would have hated for him to be killed because he tried to be some hero and save some little girl. And that leads me to my third issue with this. My husband is 6 feet, 200 lbs so how exactly is some small girl going to carry him if he were to get shot? yeah….I didn’t think so.

– Why can’t anything healthy taste good? Really, there isn’t one d*mn vegetable that doesn’t taste like a$$? We can send a guy to the moon and can’t invent a pizza flavored veggie?!

– Teva sandals..they are just ugly

Stay tuned as I am sure I’ll be perplexed soon with more things that I just don’t get….


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