Not all rules are made to be broken

Since when did we stop following any type of rules? I get why my kids have issues sometimes (they are 4 & 5) but what is with the adults around me? When did people become so above listening and doing what they are supposed to? Or are we just breeding dumber and dumber kids these days that they grow into morons?  Let me give some examples:

* I have an etsy shop for children’s clothing. It clearly states in the description that you need to order an add-on if you have a larger size as we charge for the extra fabric and time. How many messages do you think I get a day though asking “can you do this in a size ____?” No genius, we just threw that in to screw with you!

* My daughter does gymnastics and baton after school during the week. We, as parents, have been sent several memos that state to wait outside until they bring the kids out for you to sign for them in the afternoon. BUT, you have some ignorant parent (mind you, who is watching everyone else stand and wait) start banging on the doors to get someone to let them in. What are they not getting about WAIT OUTSIDE?!!!

* Traffic laws…Omg, I could go on all day about the sh*tty drivers in this state but for the sake of time we’ll only discuss a couple of things. Why do stop signs seem to whip a person’s a$$ so bad? I don’t need you to wave me through ahead of you. I just need you to FOLLOW THE D*MN LAWS! People think they are being nice but they aren’t. They are simply screwing up the flow of traffic. Secondly, we have speed limit signs for a reason! They are not merely a suggestion. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how the idiots on my road cannot do the 55mph posted but you let them get in a school zone and they will run someone down.

* Speaking of schools and traffic, what is so hard about the car line that confuses so many? The signs clearly state not to drop off before a certain point and we have gotten several messages about letting your kids out in a timely manner. Yet, almost daily you have some parent getting out and having a love fest with their little baby before they can bear to let them go for 8 whole hours. Or you have the smart one that lets out early and messes up the entire line they have going. Just follow the rules people! It’s not brain surgery…geez!

I could probably go on for days but you get the point. Please do your part and pay attention and for the love of everything holy, please raise smarter children. We don’t need yet another generation of morons…..


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