My Truths

You don’t have to agree with them, and many won’t, but these are a few of my personal truths. If you are in a sharing mood, click in the “leave a reply” box and tell me about some of yours:

* There is nothing cuter in the world than toddler feet. I can be completely fed up with my two & then notice those little baby feet & I just melt.

* Speaking of kids: children are mini bipolar patients. They can be crying one minute & deliriously happy the next. Some days it is hard to keep up.

* I hate when my doorbell rings midday. The dogs lose it, the boy wakes up from nap…its just a nightmare.

* I don’t like many women. Women make everything a competition. Can’t we just be friends without you trying to gauge whether or not my wedding ring is bigger or whose kid started walking first?

* I get sick of worrying about weight. I like working to be healthy but some days I just want to be fat and eat my chocolate without being judged.

* Other than my own, I am not a kid person. Children are too slow on the take for me. They don’t get sarcasm or puns or half the jokes I tell…(ok, maybe I’m just not as funny as I think I am but still)

* Most “christians” are fake. Don’t preach to me about God and then let me see you posting about your drunken weekend with your “homies”

* Most babies are not cute & they look like nobody to me. I always hear people say things like “oh, he has your nose” when a baby is born. Pulease, kid looks like a wrinkly prune. You can’t tell anything by that 1 day old face.

* I think (with the exception of a couple or two I know) that everyone needs a starter marriage. HOWEVER, I don’t think people should reproduce until their second. Exes suck with a capital S.

* People are usually who they show you they are; some people just don’t want to really see it.

and finally…..

You can’t make a ho a housewife as the song says. If someone will cheat WITH you, they’ll cheat ON you.


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